When it comes to launching a company, one of the most overlooked areas are the documents it requires.  Often entrepreneurs scramble to put something in place after it is too late, forcing them to resort to online templates or less than ideal solutions.

Business Plans
While most businesses never operate exactly according to plan, it is important to put the general goals and strategies into a document which can serve as the overall roadmap.  It shouldn't be too short or brief, but it also shouldn't be so long and detailed it is outdated two months after launch.

Employee Handbooks
If you are going to hire employees, it is vital you set out the rules and benefits.  The lack of a solid handbook can prevent your from attracting, retaining, or managing your staff...or worse, open you to lawsuits.

Financing Documents
If you plan on securing outside financing, you will be required to have extensive professional documents.  Many of these documents are new to entrepreneurs including term sheets, offering summaries, private placement memorandums, pitch books, slide decks, etc.  With our past experience operating a fund, we know what is expected.  We will work with you to get these prepared in a cost effective manner.  For documents requiring legal review, our upfront work will save you thousands in legal fees.
"Your experience in seeing hundreds of business plans was evident in the document you prepared for us.  I was amazed at how it was direct, concise, and yet very informative."

- Prior Client

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