If you plan to seek outside capital, you will need to understand who is best suited for your industry, your stage, and your goals.  You can chase capital forever without the proper plan.  Do it wrong and you will face stiff civil and criminal penalties.

Institutional Financing
Perhaps the most well-known but hardest to secure financing is from institutional groups such as venture capitalists.  We can determine if this is the right fit for you, what groups might have an interest, and how to best approach to maximize your chances of securing their funding.

Private Financing
Commonly referred to as "Angel Investors", these individuals and groups have become much more sophisticated in recent years.  As such, you need to know who to approach and how to approach.  We can make sure you are ready, and introduce you once you are.

Personal Financing
This category includes self-funding, as well as those known as "friends and family".  If this is structured improperly you can loose your personal assets and your relationships.

NOTE:  We are NOT brokers and do NOT accept any type of commissions for introductions or preparations.  Our services do NOT guarantee funding.
"I wish I would have worked with you sooner.  I spent 6 months never receiving a return call until you helped get us prepared and made the proper introductions.  It was great to get off the phone knowing I already had everything ready that they asked for."

- Previous Client

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