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In 2010, NRSF was formed as Natural Resource Synergy Funds to launch a private equity debt and equity fund targeting mining and gas companies.  

In 2011, the company launched Capricorn Resource Services, which was a full life-cycle consulting firm to mining, oil and gas, transportation, and alternative energy companies.

In 2012, due to the downturn in the resource sector, the decision was made to close the fund, and focus on the consulting side of the business.

In 2013, NRSF acquired two boutique consulting firms.  One with experience in agricultural, real estate, business services, and financial services; and the other with experience in technology and recruiting.

In 2015, NRSF acquired a boutique consulting firm with experience in security & defense and adult education & training.

Utilizing a broad association of consultants, we have the collective knowledge and experience that  give us a unique advantage in providing professional services to new and growing companies.  We are able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent by providing a personalized approach to each project and client.
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"They took a lot of stress off me and allowed me to focus on driving the product development while not worrying about the mundane tasks!"

- Former Client

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