Most of our clients have strong skillsets in envisioning and developing products and services the market needs.  They don't enjoy all the other tasks required to successfully launch a full scale company.  Regardless of how great of an entrepreneur you are, you should not do it all alone. You may need additional management, board members, assistants, production workers  That is where we come in.

As you grow you will need additional workers, managers, assistants, etc.  You will need to balance full-time, part-time, contract, and temporary workers.  You will want to properly incentivize them to perform.  We have experience in recruiting miners, administrative assistants, IT staff, truck drivers, middle management, senior executive officers, and most other positions.

Board Members / Advisors
If you are serious about securing financing from institutional investors, you are going to need a Board of Directors and Key Advisors.  We can help you locate, recruit, and incentivize the proper mix of industry and professional experiences who will be a true benefit.

Professional Services
Even if you are planning on being a sole proprietorship with just you as the employee, you are going to need an accountant, an attorney, and an insurance agent at the least.  We can help you find the proper ones based on your industry and your company size.
"I knew if I was serious about securing financing I would need a strong group of managers.  They helped me recruit great talent without breaking the budget."

- Previous Client

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